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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Innovation Strategy

Inventors and start-ups face the risk that competitors will invalidate or design around their patent claims. Our team uses proven and proprietary checklists with our clients to assess invention comprehensiveness through legal and innovation lenses. Our aim is to ensure we define and protect: 1) the invention in its current commercial form or embodiment; 2) variations on that form or embodiment; and 3) how the invention or inventive concept may look five and ten years into the future. From such assessments, we can draft: 1) the best-possible claims; 2) patent specifications that support and leave open the possibility of future claims; and 3) networks of patents from which to comprehensively protect greater systems.

Our team includes registered patent practitioners who were prolific inventors before and after becoming licensed by the USPTO to practice patent law. As inventors, we have walked in your shoes.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Inventors and associated enterprises face a business environment where others may be customers, partners, and competitors at the same time. Those enterprises proficiently able to: 1) assess their patenting opportunities; 2) effectively and efficiently prioritize which opportunities to pursue; and 3) act well on their decisions to improve their odds of gaining a competitive business advantage. If your enterprise would like to improve its patent strategy, we can help you structure the people, ideas, and tools required to succeed. Most importantly within this structure are guidelines from which to shape decision-making in accord with the way your patents can deliver quantifiable value.

Our team includes patent practitioners who have been chief patent counsel or have held influential positions within the patent departments of major corporations. We understand the challenges of patent strategy for business because we have been there.

Patent Strategy for


Whether you are a sole inventor banking on a single patent or a multi-national corporation banking on more than a thousand, the success of your strategy will be grounded on the fundamentals of patent preparation and prosecution. The better your patent or patent portfolio, the greater the likelihood it will shape the behavior of others who, but for your patent claims, might make free use of your inventions. The well-drafted patent becomes a tool to positively improve your relationships with customers, partners, investors, and competitors.

Our team includes patent preparers and prosecutors who have supported patent litigation teams and run patent hunter-killer teams, endeavors demanding no stone be left unturned to put the validity of opposing patents into doubt. As seasoned patent practitioners we know how to write and prosecute patents for our clients that will be difficult for others to contest.

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