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Jose Jimenez and Robert Cantrell stand ready to deliver expert patent and trademark services to your enterprise. And we go further. We can, because we have done so, help you improve inventor productivity so you can leapfrog your competition and stay ahead of technology evolution curves.

Jose as a Chief IP Counsel and Robert as a patent portfolio advisor have participated in multi-billion-dollar acquisitions of companies for their patents and technologies. Robert has further helped multiple enterprises grow their patent portfolios organically by treating inventing as a process to be called upon on demand rather than as an output solely of inspired problem solving. We can help you shape your patent portfolio from the portfolio you have to the portfolio you want to have.


Do you feel your present firm is only pushing paper? Do you feel you simply need better advice or another opinion? Keep your current counsel if you like, but if you have a patent and trademark prosecution challenge, and no one else can help, you know where to find us.

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